Photograph by  Jason Robinette

Photograph by Jason Robinette

Natasha Gornik

I found flowers through photography and, in turn, flowers brought me back to photography.

After close to 20 years behind the camera, I decided it was time to learn something new. I began my journey with an internship at Sprout Brooklyn and soon after worked my way up to floral design assistant at Élan Flowers in Tribeca. I learned so much in that time, particularly the different varieties of flowers.  I recognized how each had their own unique characteristics. Because the shop worked almost exclusively with cut stems, I met flowers at the height of their life. They reminded me of people and I started making portraits to capture their personalities, the way their skin catches light, and their beautiful colors.

Flowers are charming, they are wet, they are alive. They are sexy and romantic. They come from the earth and are one of life’s great wonders. Flowers gratify every one of my senses…the all-encompassing scent of hyacinth, the silk feel of a rose petal, the squeaky sound of a tulip leaf, the visual awe of a cherry blossom, the sweet taste of a butterfly pea steeped as a tea. 

I am deeply inspired by Japanese design, and appreciate the aesthetics of Ikebana and Wabi Sabi.  Although I have much to learn about both, I try to balance my visual philosophies with their own when I am making pictures of flowers.

Feel free to contact me for photography, collaborations, or simply because you're a like minded person and would like to say hello.